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Member of Auctioneers & Valuers Association of Australia (Inc), Certified Practising
Valuer, Member No. 449

Russ Larkin & Associates Pty Ltd was founded in 1974 in Brunei. In 1990 Russ moved to Cairns and set up shop. His aim was (and still is) to provide survey and consultancy services to both the commercial and recreational marine communities in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, South East Asia, etc.

We strive to provide every client with high quality Marine Inspections and Surveys which surpass those offered by others in the industry.

Our focus is on service that is responsive to the needs of our clients.


Russ Larkin and Associates

Phone: +61.(0)7 4031 6046
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Russ Larkin: +61.(0)419 183 982
Steve Larkin: +61.(0)412 263 279

Suite 12, 182 Grafton Street
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Cairns, Queensland Australia. 4870